Montepulciano Malandrino 2013

DOC d'Abruzzo

Cataldi Madonna Ofena (Abruzzo)
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Waarom deze wijn?

Volgens Gambero Rosso en Robert Parker een van Italie's beste wijnproducenten.  De jury is lyrisch over de Malandrino. Authentieker krijg je het bijna niet, in cementen vaten opgevoed. Die moet je proeven!

De smaak

'Ripe cherry and menthol nose. Quite full bodied, this is fresh, intense and stylish, with good acidity and length.' Decanter, Stephen Brook

'The Malandrino represents a turning point at Cataldi Madonna. The goal of this shift is a great wine uncontaminated by oak. The production of this Malandrino is centered around the winery’s historic cement tanks, which have been carefully restored. The result is a sharp and crisp Malandrino which initially shows notes of sour cherry that evolved to ripe, black cherry. On the palate, this wine is quite fresh and dangerously easy to drink while retaining its complexity and flavor. A wine for every meal, Malandrino effortlessly pairs with the Abruzzese cuisine.'
Wijnmaker: Lorenzo Landi 

De details

type wijn: full bodied, verfijnd
druivensoort: 100% Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
teelt: conventioneel
opvoeding:  12 maanden roestvrij staal en cementen tanks, 3 maanden op fles
alcoholgehalte: 12,50 % vol.
afsluiting: natuur kurk
drinktemperatuur: 18 graden, in de zomer ook 12-14 graden
bewaarpotentieel: 2015 - 2020 
spijs-aanbeveling: vlees: lam,  gestoofde vleesgerechten en saltim bocca, pasta: mooie pasta's met vlees, kaas: medium-sterk en heerlijk bij de openhaard

De prijzen elders?

Wij vergelijken het voordeel altijd met de prijzen in de online-markt. Belangrijk is dat er dan wel 'appels met appels' worden vergeleken; dus precies dezelfde wijn van (bij voorkeur) hetzelfde jaar, inclusief belastingen èn bij jou thuisbezorgd. Het umfeld bestaat in eerste instantie uit andere Nederlandse aanbieders. Het gebeurt regelmatig dat een wijn in Nederland niet verkrijgbaar is, in dat geval wordt naar de prijzen van aanbieders in het land van origine gekeken. Net als in Nederland wordt hier het verzendtarief (per doos van 6) voor thuisbezorging bij opgeteld.   

De Malandrino 2013 is niet in Nederland te verkrijgen (slechts oudere jaargangen en bovendien een stuk duurder). Zelfs in Italië is deze jaargang niet of nauwelijks meer te koop. In de UK en USA is hij onbetaalbaar (> £ 25 en $ 40).

De oorsprong

'The fact that Abruzzo wines still ubdergo vinification in the region is mainly due to this Ofena winery, now on its fourth generartion of winegrowers, where the Cataldi Madonna family cultivate their vineyards on a little upland surrounded by mountains. Winegrowing is a challenge in an area subject to strong day and night temperature variantions of as much as 30 degrees Celcius in summer. Hence the lively aromas typical of these extraordinary wines, and the vinification process aiming to preserve the: from the famous Pecorino to the spirited Montepulciano vineyard selections.

A worthy performance from a winery confirming its place among Abruzzo's leading estates. The Malandrino 2012 is a sensational Montepulciano, the result of native yeasts, concrete vats and no oak. The uncomplicated Pecorino Giulia is a sharp, food-friendly white.' Gambero Rosso 2015

Slimme weetjes: hoogste score 'Tre Bicchieri' in Gambero Rosso

From 1987, Gambero Rosso has published a guide to Italian wine, titled Vini d’Italia, which in a short time became the most influential within Italy.

The Gambero Rosso wine ratings in Vini d’Italia are built up on the number of glasses (bicchieri) awarded to a wine, which is indicated in the wine guide with a number of stylized glasses next to the wine's name. The highest rating is three glasses (Tre Bicchieri), and the wine guide only includes wines which are seen by the editors as "above average". The ratings are based upon blind tasting by independent experts.

Three glasses indicate "extraordinary wines". Two red glasses indicates a wine which was selected as a candidate for three glasses (which far from all wines with two glasses are), but did not make it all the way. This feature was introduced in the 2002 edition. Two glasses indicate "very good wines". One glass indicates "good wines".

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Slimme weetjes: Abruzzo region

Abruzzo (Abruzzi) is an Italian wine region located in the mountainous central Italian region of Abruzzo along the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by the Molise wine region to the south, Marche to the north and Lazio to the west. Abruzzo's rugged terrain, 65% of which is mountainous, help to isolate the region from the winemaking influence of the ancient Romans and Etruscans in Tuscany but the area has had a long history of wine production.

Today more than 42 million cases of wine are produced annually in Abruzzo, making it the fifth most productive region in Italy, but only 21.5% of which is made under the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC) designation. The most notable wine of the region is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo produced by the Montepulciano grape that is distinct from the Sangiovese grape behind the Tuscan wine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Together with Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is one of the most widely exported DOC wine from Italy, particularly to the United States.

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Slimme weetjes: DOC Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

The DOC region for Montepulciano d'Abruzzo covers a vast expanse of land in the Abruzzo region between the Apennines foothills down to a few miles inland from the Adriatic coast. The region is one of Italy's most mountainous with more than 65% of all Abruzzo being considered mountainous terrain with the Apennines peaks reaching up to 9000 feet above sea level. The hillside vineyards planted on calcareous clay benefit from warm and significant sun exposure that is ventilated by dry breezes coming off the Adriatic. Montepulciano is produced in all four provinces of Abruzzo--L'Aquila, Chieti, Pescara and Teramo—with the southern fertile province of Chieti producing the largest total quantity of wine.

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Deep ruby. Enticing aromas and flavors of mineral-driven red cherry, dark berries and herbs. Very fine-grained, precise wine with a clean finish featuring noteworthy freshness and noble tannins. Malandrino is one of the flag bearers of the new wave of very successful unoaked Montepulciano wines now increasingly in fashion.Ian D’Agata Vinous 92/100
One of Italy’s best wines: Tre Bicchieri Award-Winning WineGambero Rosso 2015 (jg'12)
Tangy and intense in style. Roasted berries and dried fruit flavours. Heady, scented plum, cherries and slightly smoky on the nose. Fine and juicy.Decanter World Wine Awards 2014
Cataldi Madonna is one of the very finest estates in Italy. The wines are varietally expressive, full of personality and beautifully crafted.Robert Parker, Feb. 2013
Six producers from Abruzzo to watch; Cataldi Madonna: all their wines are characterised by a noticeable polish and balance.Decanter, Sept 2014
A winery confirming its place among Abruzzo's leading estates.Gambero Rosso 2015
Ofena (Abruzzo)